Coleman Cable (CCI)

Coleman Cable (CCI)

A Tradition of Excellence

Customers know that they can rely on Coleman Cable, Inc. (CCI) to consistently deliver a broad range of wire and cable products, exceptional performance and innovative solutions backed by a multitude of recognized brands. Coleman Cable provides one of the most extensive and diverse lines of electrical, electronic and assembled products in the industry.

Why Coleman Cable?

Coleman Cable, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and innovator of electrical and electronic wire and cable products for the security, sound, telecommunications, electrical construction, retail, commercial, industrial, irrigation, HVAC, and automotive markets.Through research, development and strategic acquisitions, they continue to enhance their product mix to meet customer needs.These characteristics combined with a solid service platform and dedicated professional people, create a dynamic customer value that’s exclusive to Coleman Cable. From custom cables for industrial, aerospace or military applications to the latest in electronic cables for security systems, you’ll find Coleman Cable at the forefront of product and technology innovation. A Broad Range of Products, Innovative Solutions, Recognized Brands, and a Solid Service Platform are the foundation that Coleman Cable’s Dedicated, Professional People build upon to create Customer Value.

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