• Security Solutions

    Security Solutions

    Arrow is dedicated to providing leading product offerings and industry expertise to ensure that all your security and alarm requirements are met in this ever changing market place.

  • OEM Solutions

    OEM Solutions

    Arrow understands the essential requirements and demands of the OEM market. We know that streamlining the procurement process and providing material on time is a must.

  • Government Solutions

    Government Solutions

    Arrow recognizes the challenges of state, local and federal government agencies. We strive to provide quality products and lower procurement costs for local government and schools.

  • Communications Solutions

    Communications Solutions

    Arrow serves the communications industry with a superior sales team and quality service. We offer scalable solutions from a multitude of best-in-class manufacturers for all your communications, telco and wireless requirements.

  • Industrial Solutions

    Industrial Solutions

    Arrow strengthens current and emerging industrial markets. Our industrial products support a broad range of applications including factory automation, power generation, facility upgrades, machine building, treatment plants and heating/air.

  • Commercial Solutions

    Commercial Solutions

    Arrow is committed to delivering and supporting advanced technology solutions in the commercial and residential construction sectors. We understand the unique needs and challenges of the industry and strive to provide all of your product needs to power, network and secure your buildings while also saving you time and money.

News & Events

New Single-Mode Freeform Ribbon Fiber Bundle

New Single-Mode Freeform Ribbon Fiber Bundle

Sumitomo Electric’s new 72ct fiber bundle can provide up to 144 fibers when used with a 2 cell Tube Cable and can increase fiber capacity up to 1,728 fibers when installed into a 24 cell Tube Cable. The higher capacity is consistent with fiber demand even in the ultra-high fiber count and hyper-scale space.

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Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to our military and their families, who sacrifice so much to keep our country safe & strong.

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DuraLife - Fire Cable

DuraLife - Fire Cable

Ul 2196 Certified 2 Hour Fire Rated Cable 

Radix offers the industry smallest diameter wire & cable that can withstand temperature from 150°C to 1010°C while still performing to the highest capabilities. From fire resistance using ceramifiable insulation to rugged constructions that meet even the most difficult abrasion conditions.

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Manufacturing Partners

Arrow is one of the largest west coast distributors of wire and cable, components, connectivity, and security products. We trust and invest in both our vendors and our customers.

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