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Since 1967, Vicon has been a leading manufacturer of mission-critical security surveillance systems. Today they focus on providing solutions that have been engineered not just for performance and features, but for simplicity in deployment, operation, and maintenance. Vicon goal is to serve as a valued security technology partner to their customers by reducing security solution complexity, ensuring a superior experience.

Vicon’s expertise is the result of more than 50 years of customer experience, and is delivered through a variety of industry experts who can precisely determine an organization’s security needs. Vicon’s commitment to customer success extends to dedicated development, strategy, support, and sales teams that work together to optimize results.

Vicon’s end-to-end security surveillance solutions deliver simple usability that’s as impressive as their powerful capabilities, delivering high-performance, easy-to-deploy solutions. Vicon’s portfolio includes the full range of security solutions including Valerus, a new open platform browser-based VMS, VAX, a cutting edge access control solution, a broad range of IP network security cameras for any environment, and plug-and-play network video recorders for analog and IP systems.

Vicon makes it simple to manage even the most complicated security challenges. They focus on industry-specific business models and examine common pain points to develop comprehensive, industry-specific security solutions. Vicon helps hundreds of organizations from diverse industries, including corrections, education, government, commercial, healthcare, transportation, and utilities, across the world, to monitor their premises and enhance safety. They help keep buildings, people, and records safe.

Vicon’s complete and integrated product strategy means having innovative products at every layer of the security solutions stack—and within each layer—engineering them to work together seamlessly. With Vicon’s high-performance security products that stand alone or work together, you can get the best fit for an organization by choosing fully integrated solutions with robust capabilities. Vicon solutions are each powerful in their own right, but together they’ll bring your security system to the next level.


With a renewed dedication to support and service and an exceptional new generation of video management software and commercial security cameras, Vicon is working toward a single mission – to serve as a valued security technology partner to you, our customers, by making your jobs simpler and less stressful in every way we can.

This means providing solutions that have been engineered not just for performance and features, but for simplicity in deployment, operation and maintenance.  Our teams behind Valerus VMS and VAX Access Control software have gone to great lengths to ensure that these systems’ capabilities and usability go hand-in-hand.


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