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Zonit is revolutionizing data center operations through innovative power distribution solutions. We have one purpose: to solve the challenges facing today’s data centers.




Meet the challenges of data center operators, we develop products that:

  • Improve uptime
  • Lower operating and capital costs
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce energy consumption

Over half of the Fortune 100 companies have our products in their data centers.  We provide our products to all types of facilities, including:

  • Enterprise data centers
  • Web hosting facilities
  • Cloud computing facilities
  • Hyperscale providers
  • Government data centers
  • Containerized data centers
  • Colocation and managed hosting facilities

We hold over 100 patents on our mission-critical products, all of which focus on reducing risk, increasing uptime, improving safety, and lowering operating costs.

Zonit manufactures products that displace the status quo.  We are based in Boulder, Colorado, and think differently about solutions to power distribution problems. 

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