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Multilink is an engineering and product development based manufacturer of telecommunications network components. Multilink services the traditional CATV MSO's (Cable Television Multiple System Operators), CLEC's (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers), RBOC's (Regional Bell Operating Companies), Independent Telco's, Regulated Utilities, and LAN (Local Area Network) providers and end users.

Why Multilink?

Multilink has provided reliable network integration products at all levels for over 25 years. Multilink's principal business is to develop, produce, and refine products only of the highest quality, exceptional functionality, and application based solutions that apply in an ever-changing technological marketplace. New product development has been focused on fiber optic based product solutions as the industry deploys fiber optic cable and attachments throughout its networks.The core business was developed in the United States and remains there, while an aggressive global marketing plan has been developed and put into place to keep pace with the ever-expanding marketplace.

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