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The collective expertise within WBT has created an offering that no other single company can match.
The differences between WBT’s products and the market are substantial and numerous. Whether you are an End User, Architect, IT Engineer or Contractor, the technical and installation merits of WBT’s solutions offer you unparalleled performance, coupled with savings in both labor and materials.

Why WBT? Service, Product, and Performance.

WBT offers product designs and solutions that no other company in the marketplace does… period. We constantly innovate our offering, all designed to provide faster and cleaner installations, while providing a uniform and engineered cable tray every time.

WBT simplifies the pathway. WBT makes its products in the US. They don’t import tray and supports on shipping containers from overseas. WBT strives to utilize 100% of recycled domestic steel. They ship from stock with minimal lead times. WBT products are all UL Classified, they offer custom configurations, they also hold multiple patents on Shaped Tray, PreForm, etc.

WBT pride Themselves on ‘old school’ values. 

Manufactured at their facility in Illinois with new, state of the art equipment, WBT offers the highest degree of quality and repeatability in their products. Made in America and with lead-times that the competition cannot match, they understand the unique needs of all of their customers (distribution, specifiers, end-users, and the contractor) and have products, programs, and support to ensure that your needs are exceeded each and every time.

Find out why WBT is truly “Shaping the Future” of cable tray.





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