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Wilson Pro

Wilson Pro

Commercial-grade solutions for boosting signal.

WilsonPro is a subsidiary of Wilson Electronics, LLC., the market leader in cellular signal booster technology, dedicated to delivering wireless network coverage to everyone, everywhere.


At WilsonPro, their professional brand of cell signal amplifiers continues the 20+- year legacy of a company that developed and manufactured the world’s first cell signal boosters, antennas, and related components; establishing an extensive portfolio of intellectual property along the way.

Wilson Pro offers commercial, in-building cellular signal enhancement solutions that are well-suited for virtually any scope of project; ranging from 5,000 sq. ft. to 100,000+ sq. ft. in coverage area. WilsonPro also stands apart from the competition for its superior customer service, integrator partnerships, and products that are proudly designed, assembled, and tested in the USA.


Losing Clients, Business, and Money.

Wilson Pro Booster Not Installed

Adding Wilson Pro to your business.

Wilson Pro Signal Booster

Improves signal strength, keeping you connected with clients and business running.  

Wilson Pro Booster Installed


Home Office to Small Business Solution


Commercial & Enterprise-Level Solution

Wilson Pro 1100


Extended Cable Runs Solution: Inline Amplifier

Wilson Pro 1050


Machine-to-Machine & the Internet of Things

WIlson Pro Signal 4G


Remote Monitored & Managed Solutions: WilsonPro Cloud

wilson electronic wilsonpro enterprise 1300 1300r 460149 460150

Wilson Pro 1300 and Wilson Pro 4300



Contact your Account Executive for more details.

Southern CA/Arizona: (800) 659-3655

Northern CA: (866) 227-7699

Or Email:



How Does It Work?

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