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Push Pull Rods

Push Pull Rods

Tools for Pushing and Pulling Cable in Walls, Ceilings and Conduit

Push Pull Rods, CMD - Cable Management Division is one of the best sources for gopher poles, push rods, fish tape for electrical, plumbing and more. They provide tools for pushing and pulling cable in walls, ceiling and conduit. Their cable management tools are widely used in construction, residential electrical and commercial industries. Their products are perfect for hard to reach places!

Why Push Pull Rods?

They offer a variety of easy to use products. Their Push-pull rods are faster and easier than old-fashioned electrical fish for running cable. Their standard telescoping pulling poles available in two lengths for use in long spans and in hard to reach areas in ceilings, floors and crawl spaces. They offer Rodalong Continuous Rod for Electricians and Plumbers. It's a Multipurpose Continuous Insulated Fiberglass Rod, ideal for fishing electrical conduit and innerduct. Equally useful to the plumbing industry.

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