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Runway Xpress (RXL)

Runway Xpress (RXL)

Runway Xpress (RXL) designs and manufactures data center products locally in Southern California.

With over 30 years of joint experience in manufacturing, design, sales, and marketing. RXL offers an extensive range of solutions and value-added services that help our partners to drive their businesses forward. Whether it’s a design, prototype, or a standard generic product, our professional teams are here to assist.

At Runway Xpress (RXL), we believe that successful business partnerships, as well as sustainable mutual growth, are predicated on the fundamental properties of time, quality, and cost. We value our client's individual needs and prioritize customer service. The culmination of this vision and strong workforce grants us the ability to focus on manufacturing a wide range of products under one roof taking the project from concept to delivery at your door.  This allows our clients to enjoy a cohesive experience, thus better focusing on their core business. 

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