“Our partnership with Arrow Wire & Cable has proven to be an essential part of our success. Their services have allowed us to focus all of our attention on growing the business and serving our clients. We've been able to rely on them for all our equipment and cabling needs. I would highly recommend their services for any organization or company that is looking for supplier of security, fire alarm and communication cable.”

Edgar E.

“As the low voltage project manager, I have had a close working relationship with Arrow wire and cable. It has been a pleasure to work with their staff. I have no problem passing on an excellent word in this testimonial. I have had excellent service and it has been an extreme pleasure working with Arrow.”

Warren B.

"Arrow Wire has been a close vendor partner that has helped me in establishing and growing my business. Arrow has always responded with fast turnaround, customer service, and by working closely with me on my projects. Regardless of the size of the opportunity, Arrow always goes the extra mile to fulfill my material needs."

Barry Y.

“World Telecom and Surveillance would like to thank Arrow Wire and Cable for the outstanding customer service. They are always there for us making sure we have our product on time.

Thank You, Your Loyal Customer

“Arrow Wire has provided exceptional service to our company over the past 10 years. We feel our partnership is a crucial element to our company's success. The customer service at Arrow Wire is the best. The sales reps are very knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. They are always willing to go that extra mile to insure the correct material for our jobs in a timely manner.

There are very few vendors that care about your project the way Arrow does. They get involved with project pricing to keep our expenses lower, they have even hand delivered material to our job site when we have been in a crisis.

We highly recommend the ARROW WIRE  team.”

Robert and Christy


I want to personally thank you for the use of your facility and the hospitality you show towards a group of strangers that come together for one common goal. I have been to many classes, but this by far was the best environment I have been in. Your staff showed us great courtesy and respect. Please contact me if there is anything I can do or possibly help with in the future. You guys are a class act, and it was my pleasure and blessing to be there.


I would like to take this time to “Thank You” and all the folks at ARROW for sponsoring the RCDD class. It was an experience that I would recommend to anyone taking the RCDD exam. I scheduled the class according to where and when Mr. Dave Sanders was going to be teaching. The test doesn’t seem as intimidating as told by others (after taking the course). I hope you continue your support and provide the RCDD class for future RCDDs. The industry really needs more companies like ARROW. I wish ARROW the very BEST and I look forward to working with you and everyone at ARROW.

Regards, Daniel

I had the pleasure of attending the BICSI RCDD training this last week in Pomona. I have taken many cram classes and was ready to dig in and Get-Err-Done as some would say. At first I thought it was going to be a dog and pony show when everyone from Arrow Wire was there the first day for the class kick-off. I have been a Sales Manager in my past and find myself very skeptical when a bunch of sales people are around an event and start expecting more of a, what we can sell you instead of lets learn something. This is far from what happened, the team was there to help Dave get the mood and feel of the class, the only time a vendor spoke was when it was based upon the benefits of obtaining BICSI accreditation and how it has launched their business, lessons learned, and how important it was to stay focused and make it happen. I commend Arrow Wire for bringing such a Professional approach to event sponsorship; it really came across that there was a team there to make it happen. There needs to be more of this type of approach in the industry. Dave brought to the table real world knowledge, an enlightening sense of humor that made the class enjoyable, and a drive that kept the class not only learning but wanting more. I was able to receive the best training possible from the best person qualified, sponsored by a Company that believes in giving.

Thank you, James

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