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In the low-voltage industry, few names command as much respect and recognition as Leviton. Renowned for its innovative products and commitment to excellence, Leviton has established itself as a leader in providing high-performance cabling infrastructure for various applications.


Count on Arrow to deliver unparalleled excellence in the low-voltage industry. Arrow will equip you with the competitive advantage needed for any customer, any configuration, and any budget.

Berk-Tek Copper & Fiber Cables

Berk-Tek is known for its comprehensive range of structured cabling solutions, including copper, fiber optic, and hybrid cables designed to meet the demands of modern networking environments.

Category 6A

Leviton presents top-tier copper cables meticulously crafted to surpass industry benchmarks. Their Cat 6a is unparalleled alien crosstalk suppression and come in flexible small-diameter variants, catering to a wide array of rigorous network requirements. Experience unrivaled signal isolation, robust PoE support, and exceptional alien crosstalk suppression, setting new benchmarks for performance.


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Category 6

Leviton's Cat 6 system seamlessly combines premium quality with guaranteed performance, all wrapped in a user-friendly design crafted to facilitate swift and hassle-free installations. As a comprehensive multimedia solution, it effortlessly accommodates voice, video, and data transmission at blazing speeds of up to 10 gigabit Ethernet.  Ideal choice for a diverse array of enterprise and commercial networks, going above and beyond PoE standards by delivering power levels of up to 100 watts.


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Category 5e

Leviton's Cat 5e system boasts a track record of dependable performance, validated in the field. Designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, this structured cabling solution is perfectly suited for small commercial spaces and MDUs (Multi-Dwelling Units). Offering seamless integration with PoE lighting, it not only meets but surpasses PoE standards by delivering power levels of up to 140 watts, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and reliability.


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Tight Buffered

Leviton presents a versatile range of Tight Buffered fiber cables designed to meet the demands of both indoor and indoor/outdoor environments, accommodating fiber counts of up to 144F. These cables boast a soft protective coating with a 900-micron OD directly applied to the 250-micron coated fiber. This tight buffer coating enhances fiber protection, facilitating seamless handling and enabling straightforward termination through direct connector application.


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Loose Tube

Leviton provides an extensive selection of Loose Tube cables crafted for diverse applications, including indoor, indoor/outdoor, or outside plant settings, with fiber counts reaching up to 432. These cables showcase slender plastic tubes housing up to a dozen 250-micron coated fibers, ensuring their free movement within each tube. This innovative design shields the fibers from installation or service-related stresses and can be augmented with water-blocking materials to deter moisture ingress.


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Leviton provides a comprehensive array of armored fiber optic cables featuring a diverse range of optical fiber constructions. Their exclusive spiral wrap armoring technique not only maintains cable flexibility but also delivers unparalleled durability across various installation environments.


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Discover the unparalleled quality of Leviton's comprehensive solutions. Every component, from jacks to patch panels, is meticulously crafted in Leviton factories where innovation meets precision. Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, Leviton Network Solutions ensures reliability you can trust.

Copper Jacks

Get top-tier performance and user-friendly design with Leviton's copper jack solutions. From the sleek Atlas-X1 to the robust eXtreme and versatile GigaMax, we've got the perfect fit for large enterprises, data centers, or small businesses.


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Fiber Ports

Leviton's Quickport Fiber Optic Adapters simply snap them into Quickport panels, outlets, and more for seamless integration. Choose from LC, SC, and ST adapters compatible with various connectors and sleeve options.


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Face & Wall Plates

Leviton's wallplates and housings tailored to any project, offering hassle-free, tool-free installation with snap-on wallplates and compatibility with QUICKPORT™. Their exclusive mix-and-match panels, connectors, wallplates, and surface-mount boxes, empowering you to customize your setup for optimal integration of voice, data, video, and audio—all within a single panel.


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Copper Patch Cords

Leviton's copper patch cords are engineered for peak performance, unwavering reliability, and enduring durability, thier patch cords are your go-to solution for all your connectivity needs. Whether it's powering mission-critical operations with ATLAS-X1™, empowering large enterprises with EXTREME™, or fortifying small business infrastructures with GIGAMAX™.


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Fiber Patch Cords

Leviton fiber optic patch cords are built to exceed industry standards, these cords ensure top-tier performance, leaving no weak links behind. Available in a variety of fiber types (OM1, OM3, OM4, OM5, OS2) and connectors (SC, ST, LC), including custom lengths, our premium options boast low insertion loss for seamless connectivity. From Data Centers to FTTH and beyond, their cords facilitate seamless interconnection and cross-connection within structured cabling systems.


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Patch Panels

Leviton's revolutionary e2XHD patch panel. Mix-and-match fiber and copper snap-in UTP, shielded copper and fiber media in the same panel effortlessly for fast deployment and easy maintenance. With alignment tabs for perfect insertion and a range of accessories for cable management. 


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Fiber Runner

Route, protect, and store fiber cabling with Leviton's Fiber Raceway System. Available in 3 colors, 4 sizes, and diverse styles, it adapts to any space. Crafted from high-impact thermoplastic, it guarantees robust protection, stability, and support. UL 2024A is listed for telecom use, it's perfect for data centers, telecom rooms, and more.


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Fiber Enclosures

Leviton offers an extensive range of fiber enclosures meticulously crafted to address your diverse project requirements. From rack- and wall-mount options to 1RU to 10RU configurations, zero-U designs, high-density solutions, and tailored models for specific applications.


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Cable Management

Leviton boasts a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge cable management solutions tailored for both copper and fiber installations. Their extensive product lineup encompasses vertical and horizontal cable managers, rear cable managers, VELCRO® Brand fasteners, zone and wireless enclosures, and more.


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Leviton Network Solutions Catalog

Leviton's copper and fiber cables offer a combination of reliability, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability. Their diverse product portfolio, global presence, and focus on customer satisfaction make them a compelling choice for businesses and individuals seeking high-quality cable solutions.

Accessible through Arrow, explore their complete range by downloading the comprehensive catalog.

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