Tempo Communications Testers and Tools Now At Arrow

Arrow is thrilled to announce the addition of Tempo Communications to our line card!


Tempo provides a comprehensive range of cutting-edge test and measurement solutions for the low-voltage industry. Their expertise spans all stages of network deployment, supporting the development, installation, and maintenance of Copper/xDSL, Fiber, Cable, and Wireless networks.


Count on Arrow to deliver unparalleled excellence in the low-voltage industry. Arrow will equip you with the competitive advantage needed for any customer, any configuration, and any budget.

Copper Solutions



The DataScout 10G is a powerful tool that is a rugged, reliable, and user-friendly device that tests up to 10G Ethernet, Datacomm, DDS, DS1 & DS3, DSO-TIMS, and allows you to print or email results directly to clients. With its ability to run multiple tests simultaneously and remote control via Bluetooth or any web browser, the DataScout 10G is sure to become your installer's favorite. Plus, its user-friendly design, touch screen, and built-in training videos make it incredibly easy to use.


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Quickly test LAN cables (RJ45) and coax cables (F connector) for continuity and proper wiring in seconds. Perfect for checking patch cords or building wiring for shorts, opens, crosses, and splits.


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Overcome Wi-Fi challenges effortlessly with AirScout. You can verify internet speeds, pinpoint optimal access point locations, and choose the best channels. By quickly identifying dead zones in homes or small businesses, you can ensure the best connectivity experience for your clients.


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Paladin hand tools are reliable, durable, and built to withstand any job. Crafted with quality materials and time-tested for performance, they're the go-to choice for installers. Plus, they're backed by a Lifetime Warranty!


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Fiber Solutions



Tempo's innovative tool empowers front-line technicians to swiftly locate loss events in the FTTx network's last mile. With an intuitive touchscreen interface, even new technicians can easily identify issues like cut fibers, damaged connectors, and bent fibers. The Expert OTDR Mode offers advanced features for experienced technicians to fine-tune measurements and tackle complex faults. Display results with a traditional OTDR trace or a linear map, complete with Pass/Fail analysis. All data is measured, annotated, saved, and exported in GR196 Telcordia-compliant SOR files. Plus, full fiber tracing is supported with tone injection and sensing.


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The intuitive user interface minimizes the learning curve, enabling technicians to become productive quickly. The touchscreen optical fusion splicer employs core alignment technology, allowing for reliable fiber optic cable fusions with minimal splice losses in as little as seven seconds. It supports FTT(x) and P2P installations, as well as all standard fibers, with pre-qualified splicing profiles that can be customized and stored for more demanding applications.


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With a single button press, you can quickly detect faults in endfaces and bulkheads. This fully automated tool, when used with a smartphone, delivers fast and reliable analysis. It automatically focuses, captures an image of the connector endface, and provides a pass/fail result within seconds. The app comes pre-loaded with the pass/fail criteria from IEC 61300-3-35 standards.


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Fiber hand tools are reliable, durable, and built to withstand any job. Crafted with quality materials and time-tested for performance, they're the go-to choice for installers.


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Tempo Communications Solution Catalog

Tempo Communications offers a combination of reliability, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability. Their diverse product portfolio, global presence, and focus on customer satisfaction make them a compelling choice for businesses and individuals seeking high-quality testing and hand tools solutions.


Accessible through Arrow, explore their complete range by viewing their comprehensive catalog.

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