Belden IBDN Certified System

Belden IBDN Certified System

Belden provides a foundation of superior technologies, best-in-class products and the most reliable systems available. The Belden IBDN family of structured cabling systems provides a choice of several levels of system performance to best meet the needs of today’s diverse cabling networks. Each is composed of fully integrated, beyond industry-standards products.

Why Belden IBDN?

Belden's properly designed and installed structured cabling system provides you with a cabling infrastructure that provides predictable performance as well as flexibility to accommodate growth and change over an extended period of time. Their structured cabling system provides a uniform, open physical cabling topology that can simultaneously support multiple logical networking topologies for different applications such as Ethernet, Token-ring, ATM or video.

Once certified, your Belden IBDN Structured Cabling System will be registered and supported by the industry's most comprehensive warranty program, including a 25 year product warranty and a lifetime Application Assurance Program.

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