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For over a century, Belden has proudly led the way in crafting and delivering indispensable technology solutions. Belden's comprehensive product range encompasses cables, connectivity solutions, and networking products, all meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the demands of modern connectivity.


Count on Arrow to deliver unparalleled excellence in the low-voltage industry. Arrow will equip you with the competitive advantage needed for any customer, any configuration, and any budget.

Copper Cables & Copper Solutions

Discover the ultimate lineup of Belden Inc. category cables, tailored to suit every application imaginable! Many cables featured their signature patented Bonded-Pair design, guaranteeing unparalleled signal integrity. Plus, with DataTuff® Industrial category cables, rest assured your system remains resilient against the toughest environmental conditions.

Category 6A

Choose from an assortment of configurations including small diameter, snake, industrial, non-bonded, and our innovative patented Bonded-Pair technology. Elevating performance benchmarks, Belden's renowned 10GXS Cable stands as the gold standard in the industry.

Category 6

Belden's has a wide array of Category 6 performance options, featuring their top-of-the-line REVConnect 3600 System cable boasting premium performance and ample headroom. The REVConnect 2400 System cable, surpasses TIA-568-C.2 standards, all backed by Belden's renowned quality.

Category 5e

Belden presents a range of Category 5e performance options, with their flagship 1200 Series cable delivering exceptional headroom, surpassing the TIA-568-C.2 Category 5e standard. Featuring Bonded-Pair technology, our 1200 Series ensures unparalleled robustness in your installations.

Patch Panel

Belden offers a comprehensive range of copper patch panels tailored to meet the demands of both commercial and industrial settings. Belden's commercial-grade panels are available in modular (empty) configurations or pre-loaded with high-quality copper jacks designed for Category 6A, 6, and 5E network installations.

Trunk Cable

Optimized for data centers, enterprise networks, and any environment prioritizing swift installation, Trunk Cable Assemblies offer factory termination and rigorous testing, slashing installation time by up to 90%. Eliminating the need for termination, these assemblies come in diverse lengths, equipped with connectors tailored to your specific application requirements.

Patch Cord

Enhancing both performance and physical durability, Belden's Copper Patch Cords ensure optimal transmission quality for your network channels. With superb return loss characteristics adaptable to any environment, Belden's Copper Patch Cords come in modular, small-diameter, and traceable solutions to meet your specific needs.


Belden's copper product line is accessible through Arrow, explore their complete range by downloading the comprehensive catalog.

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Fiber Cable & Fiber Solutions

Discover an array of high-quality indoor and outdoor cable solutions within Belden's comprehensive product line, featuring both tight buffer and loose tube designs. Tailored for diverse industrial settings, our offerings include armored, burial, and ruggedized options. Crafted to meet various specifications, our product range encompasses OM1, OM3, OM4, OM5, and OS2 (Singlemode) configurations.

Tight Buffer

Tight-Buffered Fiber Cables are perfectly tailored for enterprise environments, these cables stand out as a crowd favorite, ideal for intra-building backbones and both horizontal and vertical installations. Offering versatility like no other, they come in fiber counts ranging from two to an impressive 144, making them adaptable to any project scale. Whether indoors or outdoors, these cables are engineered to exceed expectations, boasting a design that ensures seamless performance in any environment.

Loose Tube

Belden's Loose Tube Cables the ultimate solution for your outdoor and indoor/outdoor fiber optic needs. Whether it's for OSP, conduit, direct burial, aerial, or trunking applications, Belden's cables offer unmatched versatility and performance. Choose from a variety of options including dry or gel-filled single and double-jacket designs, with plenum and riser ratings. 


Belden's armored cables are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, moisture, and physical damage. The armor layer provides an extra level of protection against mechanical stresses, such as crushing, impact, and abrasion, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the cable. It also helps to maintain cable integrity in areas prone to disturbances such as rodent activity.


Belden's connectors seamlessly integrate the advantages of fusion splicing with the ease of field-installable connectors, they greatly enhance flexibility for field termination while elevating installation performance and reliability beyond traditional mechanical splice connectors. Eliminating the need for crimping, polishing, or adhesives during termination, significantly reduce installation errors.


Belden offers an advanced DCX and LAN Cassettes platform designed to cater to a wide spectrum of density requirements, ranging from low to ultra-high density applications. Cassettes platform encompasses frames, cassettes, and covers for a comprehensive array of connector types, including LC, SC, ST, and MPO connectors, as well as Copper RJ45 Jacks and Couplers. 

Patch Cords

Simplified, durable, adaptable, and readily accessible. Unmatched quality and performance define Belden's FX patch cords, engineered with a robust design to endure daily wear and tear. Available in standard configurations off the shelf or swiftly customized for tailored installations, they ensure reliability in any setting.


Belden's fiber products are accessible through Arrow, explore their complete range by downloading the comprehensive catalog. *Catalog is 100MB

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