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Siemon’s fully shielded TERA end-to-end cabling solution is the highest-performing, most secure twisted-pair copper cabling system available. Siemon’s TERA E10 SFTP cable perfectly complements the performance of the TERA outlet exceeding all ISO/IEC requirements for Category 7A/Class FA transmission performance. A fully shielded cable with individual foils around each pair coupled with a high screen coverage outer braid provides perfect immunity from outside interferences.

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TERA® Outlet


TERA outlets are the industry’s highest performing network cabling connectors. Outlets accept 1-, 2- and 4-pair plugs and terminate fully shielded category 7A cables. TERA outlets can be used in both the work area and in the telecommunications room.

TERA® Patch Panel


TERA-MAX patch panels provide outstanding performance and reliability in a shielded, high-density modular solution. As outlets are snapped into place, resilient ground tabs assure that each outlet is properly grounded.

TERA® Faceplate


Siemon’s popular MAX faceplates are designed to provide support to any combination of TERA outlets.

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Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet



Siemon category 6 UTP cables meet or exceed all ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC category 6 transmission performance specifications. Three different performance levels are available - Solution 6, System 6, and Premium 6 - offering various levels of margin to industry standards. Solution 6 cable eliminates the central isolation member common to many category 6 UTP cables, providing a more economical option while reducing overall cable diameter. This reduces pathway size requirements, and carton materials and provides more efficient shipping options for a greener installation. 

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Z-MAX 6 Jack


Z-MAX outlets are offered in hybrid (flat and angled in one part number), keystone, and panel mounting versions. The slim profile supports up to 48 port / 1U density in patch panel applications. Z-MAX UTP outlets are available in category 6 and category 6A versions.

Z-MAX 6 Patch Panel


Z-MAX UTP patch panels harness unprecedented performance and reliability in a high-density modular solution. These complete patch panel kits combine 19 inch patch panels with Z-MAX category 6A or category 6 panel outlets to offer the industry's highest performing patching solution.

MAX® Faceplate


A complete range of faceplates allow MAX, Z-MAX, CT, and TERA modules to be mounted in virtually any environment. Plastic faceplates are offered in a variety of colors and sizes. Stainless steel plates have a brushed finish on plates mask minor scratches and scuffs that may occur during day-to-day usage.

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Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet




Siemon offers a wide range of cabinet solutions to meet any application or configuration - from networking and storage to servers and distribution points. Floor-standing cabinets are offered in multiple sizes and layouts to provide design flexibility and options to deploy the physical infrastructure you need. Wall mount cabinets offer exceptional accessibility while conserving space for challenging applications. A wide range of support accessories helps you manage cable, airflow, and space in data center and enterprise environments.



Siemon's line of open racks and cable management solutions covers nearly any network infrastructure need. Two-post and four-post racks support equipment and rack-mounted connectivity with multiple options in cost and features. Horizontal and vertical cable managers contain and direct cables to create a safe, attractive installation. Thermal management products improve operating efficiency by managing airflow. A full range of supporting accessories further helps complete professional installations.



Siemon's PowerMax line of PDUs range span five families to provide numerous options in performance, intelligence, and cost. Basic and metered PDUs are a simple and cost-effective choice for everyday power distribution. When greater visibility is required, our full line of intelligent PDUs deliver real time power information with varying degrees of intelligent functionality for valuable troubleshooting, control and monitoring of power usage, capacity and environmental conditions.

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